CANON The Canon Cameras was first introduced during 1937. It was specifically executed by the precision optical industry company in the country of Japan as to with that the Canon has one of the oldest and most successful camera in the stated country. Nowadays, the Canon Company is able to design and create vast array of digital camera films and videos. It serves as a great extension and addition to certain office tools or equipments like the fax machines, copiers, scanners, and as well as the printers. Digital cameras which are designed by the Canon Company certainly has the inclusion of the Digital EOS series, the point and shoot power shot series, and as well as the power shot series. The power shot pro series of digital canon cameras specifically has the inclusion of: •    8 megapixels •    7X zoom lens •    12 shooting modes •    LCD display monitor that has enhance resolution and variable angles •    VGA grade sound of movies •    Automatic print mode which is suitable with Canon Direct Photo Printers •    And a lot more of its professionally featured specifications The Power shot SD700 IS high-end ELPH is certainly a point and shoot digital camera that is specifically designed and created for a day-to-day usage. It is also equipped with 6 megapixels of resolution and as well as the Canon Image Stabilizer Technology. It also has the inclusion of the fast frame rate movie which amazingly enables you to shoot videos for up to 60 frames in each and every second. It also has the 4X zoom lens which allows you to get and close and seemingly personal to your object for capturing and or video recording. Moreover, this digital camera also has the inclusion of the ISO 8-0 and High ISO auto settings specifically for low-light situations. Through this kind of feature, you can easily and quickly cut down unwanted blur which is commonly caused by long hours of usage and exposure to heat and sunlight. Through utilizing the Canon photo printer, you will certainly enjoy the efficiency and convenience in printing out your valued images which happens to be compatible with all canon digital cameras. One good instance for the canon printers is the Selphy CP710 that enables you to print-out 4 x 6 photos within just 58 seconds without even the use of computers. Another one is the Selphy DS700 that enables you to view and then print out captured images right from the TV screen. You can as well make your own slide shows and print out captured images via cell phone with in-built infrared feature.


  • Enables those people who adores in taking pictures in most of the time as to with the fact that capturing and developing pictures is very fast using digital cameras.
  • Very easy to use as to with the fact that digital cameras are very flexible in a lot of ways and means that even newbie users are able to use it. This kind of feature only proves that digital cameras are far better than the traditional type of camera.
  • Enables you to take pictures in an unlimited way as to with the fact that digital cameras have built-in memory card wherein you can store, save, retrieve, and print images that you wish to have.
  • Enables you to easily and quickly learn its features and specifications as to with the fact that its features and specifications are real-time user-friendly.
  • Enables you to take short and long ranged videos. This kind of feature enables those people who love taking videos most especially those who likes to upload videos on certain video transmission sites like YouTube.
  • Very portable and convenient to use due to its compact design
  • Has a wide array of carrying cases in keeping your cameras safe from damages and or scratches.
  • Amazingly carries extra flash cards and or memory sticks that enable you to take unlimited amount of videos and pictures without having any sorts of worry.
  • Definitely has a wide array of features and specifications which make your picture and video capturing certainly sophisticated and convenient.
  • Has digital zoom lens which enables you to focus and or zoom-in far away objects/subjects. With this kind of feature, you can be able to capture and or take pictures and or videos no matter what your distance is from the subject/object.
  • Have proper type of settings for a wide array of picture and video taking opportunities like the dusk or dawn mode, portrait mode, fireworks mode, night mode, portrait mode, landscape mode, and other more types of mode.  This enables you to take pictures and or videos regardless of the situation.

CameraSingle Use Cameras

ü  Contains a roll of color film which is encased into a recyclable cardboard container

ü  Has fixed focused lens and also has a single shutter

ü  Water resistant

ü  Built-in flash

ü  The camera is recycled

ü  Costs about $15.00

ü  Not to be used for serious photography such as formal and professional pictures

ü  Suitable for taking pictures in vacation, hangouts, and other more types of human’s informal activities

Compact Lens-Shutter Cameras

ü  Has 3 variations such as the:

  • Zoom length
  • Dual focal length
  • Single focal length
ü  Has fixed subject focus which produces sharp images as it starts capturing at least 5 feet away and then more

ü  Features red eye reduction

ü  Built-in flash

ü  And other more types of shooting modes

Bridge Cameras

ü  Intermediate type of camera

ü  Bridges gap between the point and shoot

ü  Has several types of lenses

ü  Has red eye reducing feature

ü  Has limited range of lens that can be used with this kind of camera


ü  Are often used for serious photography due to the fact that these types of cameras are lightweight and compact

ü  Has interchangeable lenses

ü  Controllable exposure, focusing, lens aperture, and shutter speed

ü  Has limited focal length in a range of 21mm up to 135mm

Twin Lens Reflex

ü  A medium format type of camera that uses large films that reaches up to 35mm

ü  Fitted with 2 lenses which both have the same focal length

ü  1 mounted on the top of the other

ü  Lower lenses focus its images directly on the film

ü  The image captured by this camera is directly reflected through 90 degrees via mirror

ü  Focuses on horizontal ground glass screen

ü  Has equal film and screen film to produce an equally sharp image

Single Lens Reflex

ü  Requires only 1 lens to create and view a photo

ü  Offers total control and exposure to the focus

ü  Accepts interchangeable lenses

ü  Has add on flashes

ü  Motor drives

ü  Has  auto focus

ü  Has various number of picture taking modes

ü  Typically used by expert and professional photographers

1839-2_mToday, most of the camera makers and distributors are vying for being on the niche of the being the most efficient camera makers. One of the most efficient ways on making their dreams to become a certain reality is through rendering superlative camera system specifications. However, due to the intense market competition, most of the camera developments are overlapping each other. That is there is a continuous development cycle in the cameras today. Among all the highly developed cameras today, there is one camera that had caused international panic and it is none other than the Daguerreotype camera which is discovered inside a dusty attic. Daguerreotype camera is wooden sliding box type of camera which was produced during the year 1839 by the Paris Company Susse Freres. It was discovered as a part of Germany’s inheritance. This antique camera will serve as the access for photography enthusiasts in rewriting the history. On May 26, Westlicht which is a private photo gallery and auction house Vienna plans to auction this memorabilia. This camera is believed as the globe’s oldest commercially created wooden camera. The said camera has not yet been restored according to Westlicht. The Daguerreotype camera belongs to a certain US-based scholar which had been inherited from his father. His father was believed to be a technical photography professor at the Munich University. 6332554_9f4289d983 The wooden sliding box camera was invented by certain French chemist Lois Daguerre. The Daguerreotype camera is an early model of photograph. This camera is able to produce a direct image on a fully furnished silver surface which bears a coating a of silver halide particles. The said photograph is deposited with iodine bromide and or by chlorine vapors. On the early days, there was no copies of pictures so it only means that each and every pictures before are made originally. This fact is totally a great difference today where most of the pictures are recopied. The technical specifications of the Daguerreotype camera are as follows: •    No carrying case •    No battery camera •    No information on GPS EXIF •    No Noise reduction •    No Image stabilization •    No Image stabilization •    No Red-eye reduction •    No image Autofocus •    No Zoom •    1 Lens cap •    1 Free top hat with every camera sold (probably) •    1 Black curtain •    1 Tripod •    1 gazillion Megapixelsmost-expensive-camera

The digital camera is a device that automatically and digitally stores images into a thin chip which is the memory card. Images which are taken can be directly downloaded and uploaded vice-versa. This can be manipulated with certain graphics program and then printed out quickly. Film photographs are unlike digitally taken ones as to the fact that film photographs have infinite resolutions. Digital photographs are limited as the free space in the memory card affects the storage of taken images and videos. Also, the optical resolution and digital mechanism of the digital cameras do affect the final output of the pictures and as well as the final resolution of the output device contributes to the quality of the photograph. Even the most expensive and efficient digital cameras which are connected to top ranked printers is not able to produce high-quality photos. If you try to use laser printers, it is not necessary to take real images or photos as the final output and resolution of your photographs still depend on the requirement settings of the printer. Laser printers require you to reduce the resolution of your images according to the settings of the stated camera. The great advantage of using digital cameras is the fact that taking and producing pictures is both very cheap and quick due to the reason that film processing is not included in the process. Today, one of the highest achiever in the field of digital photography is the Kodak. Kodak is one of today’s largest film producers all over the globe. The Kodak Company created and designed the Kodak Photo CD Format. This kind of format had become the basis or the de facto standards for saving digital images. Most of the usual digital cameras today uses CCD’s to picture images and scenes. Also, some of the newer and less expensive cameras use CMOS chips instead of the CCD’s. Moreover, digital cameras or digicam is a modern-day type of camera which takes still images or videos in an automatic and digital manner and then stores and or records the images or videos though an electronic image sensor.